Friday, January 23, 2009

The Sweet and Sinful Side Of Things

Almost all my life i have wondered about the difference between milk chocolate and white chocolate. Honestly i'm not big on White Chocolate, but it does have a very nice texture to it as opposed to my favorite Milk Chocolate. Milk Chocolate is richer and is more creamy than white chocolate, but then again they are both made from the same components so they will often resemble one another in taste, so that can make it hard to distinguish flavors. I think what draws people to chocolate is it's versatility and sex appeal. I mean it can almost be compared to a human. If you look Britney Snow, the picture that i have of her compared to the picture i have of Alek Wek, they are not only different in skin color and ethnicity but in flavors as well. Looking at Alek, she makes me think of rich milk chocolate because of her creamy brown skin.

To me she represents the many flavors chocolate. On the contrary she is sweet and light like Britney snow. Britney is fun and frilly and as cute as a button. She spells Angelic everytime i see her in photos and in magazines. Alek spells african pride and massive sex appeal to me. Those two distinctions can be be classified as sweet and sinful.

If you look back in history people have always been drawn to good and bad things, which can mean virtually anything in this world. Even on television shows when the main character was trying to make a choice between two things, he would have a devil and and angel on both shoulders giving them the pros and cons of whatever they are trying to make a final decision about.

To me as a kid i saw those as the two symbols that would later be represented and white and milk chocolate. I know that may sound odd but my mind works in mysterious ways with great results! There are some people who prefer one particular chocolate over another(as i do), and then there are some who hate chocolate altogether. But then there are those people who can't decide which option they like best and stick with both! I myself am not too big on white coco but have had glimpses of it. I indeed favor the milk chocolate side of things.

The pictures i added of those sweet and savory pastries represent the opposites of one compared to the other, also representing art and the majesty of foods. So i ask this to all of you..which do you like best..the sweet or the sinful side of things?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

what's in a blog?

Well since i'm new to this whole blogging thing. i wanted to begin it very simple. i wanted to personally define what is going to be in my upcomming blogs. Pretty much my blogs will be gearing towards music food and phtography....

Friday, January 9, 2009

brief intro

Hey Eeveryone! My name is Brisce!
lemme start by saying how much i aspire to be a chef and a musician. so i hope that you will enjoy the comming blogs!