Wednesday, April 22, 2009

London Calling...

I'm so happy yet very sad that Michael Jackson is going back out into the music world again and going on tour. What I'm sad about is him ONLY touring in europe. I've been dying to see him in concert over these past years and it seems like that wish will NEVER come true. Damn, but anyway i was so bored last night and i was flat ironing my hair,while listening to one of my favorite M.J. songs "Another Part Of Me" I took a cool picture. Other then that my day was very exhausting and i'm glad to be home from work. = ]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nothing Like Good Ol' Random-Ness!!

Nothing too special, i just thought that these things were very cool. Hope everyone had a way better day than I did!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Zack: On The Attack

So I was in CVS today when my eyes darted straight towards this months May issue of GQ magazine. I love that magazine and i love even more the sexy piece of man on the cover of it! None other than Zack Efron. God does he look hot shirtless in some of the spread photos that i found. Just a year before my other love Shia Lebeaouf was on the cover and he looked great. GQ has a unique way of capturing the rawness and reality of the subjects that they are capturing and i love that about the photographers they use. Plus the interviews are interesting as well.
enjoy everyone,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Donutty Pick Me Up

So These past few days have been very rough on me and i haven't really had anytime to just sit down and enjoy the silence so instead of just moping around and feeling all bummed out i decided to go over to dunken donuts and treat myself to some sweet treats. These treats have really put a smile on my face!
I just wanted to quickly shout out two of my bffs who also write blogs. Lately they have been making some great posts and it really inspires me to make great posts as well! Me being a newbie still with posts i get few comments because i'm only four months into this thing so thank you to them for always giving me post support and sometimes helping me fix stuff on my blogs as well! = ]

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's All About The Gossip

Blake Lively
Taylor Momsen
Jessica Szhor
Leighton Meester
From the cast of Gossip Girl
They are all awesome and so is the show!
The shows fashion along with the real life fashions they all have is all very unique and very funky. My hat goes off to these wonderful gals who keep me entertained every monday night @ 8pmon the CW network.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

America's Next Top Shop: Part One

Ah, Yes with all the great shopping stores NYC already has, they decided to give us one more! I'm so glad because it was sent over from across the pond in one of my favorite places, London. On a school business trip (and European expedition), two of my closest friends got to see it up close and personal and they loved it! Meanwhile my other very close friend(C is for Chic) has been positively glowing when just the name of this store is brought up. I wondered to myself "what is sooo good about this place that my friends are raving about it so much?" Usually it's a custom for me and my friends to rave about something then a week later we move on to something else, but this time i actually saw this new fix that everyone can't seem to get enough of. i saw the site just once (, and just like that I was hooked!! My friend and I are planning to go there on saturday so i will be posting up pics of it soon! It had it's grand opening today and one of my FAVORITE models Kate Moss is going to cut the red ribbon at 11 a.m. today. So i can't wait to go and check it out! *raises glass* So here is to great shopping everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IF Cleopatra Were Around...

I think she would so wear this! Check out the purple glitter eyeliner and golden nail polish complete with one of the coolest trends this year, hot pink lips! (Elizabeth Taylor as cleopatra) I must say that Tina Turner looks AMAZING posed as Cleopatra. My sister has this makeup book by makeup artist (the late great Kevyn Aucoin). He has done some amazing makeup for the most famous celebrities. His roster includes:

Gweneth Paltrow (pictured as James Dean)
Callista Flockhart (pictured as Audrey Hepburn)
Tina Turner (pictured as Cleopatra)
and so much more..

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