Sunday, January 31, 2010

Working Day & Night

I made these pastries on Friday night. By request I made them for my firend Ursy simply because she said she was in the mood for some Cannoli's, and I happened to be in the mood to make them lol. I love to try out new recipes and flavors on my fam and friends because they are the best critics that I know and if they like what I whip up then customers will as well! I had so much fun making them! I made (pictued) Zeppole's and Cinnamon infused Chocolate dipped almond topped Cannoli's. I really look forward to my future as a pastry chef and hope one day I will be successful...I think that I will be too.
For those that aren't familiar, Zeppole's and Cannoli's are both widely known pastry desserts from Italy.

Images courtesy of: Myself

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can You Feel It

So I just got a few new things from forever 21 and a load of other great stores! I am a huge forever 21 fanatic and was very excited to showcase my new pieces to you all. So lemme know what you guys think! Along with my blog makeover, I decided to do weekely themes such as: Song Choice, Tv Show and fav website of the week.
Tv Show of The Week: Ugly Betty& The Golden Girls
Song Choice of The Week: Animal-Miike Snow, Carry out - Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake, Remind me-Royksopp,Monster-Lady Gaga,Photographs-Rihanna feat.
Military Style sweater: Forever
Language Tee: Forever
Stripped leggings: Andy's Chee Pees
Patent Leather belt: Forever
Patent Leather High top Sneakers: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Forever
Patent Leather Satchel Shoulder Bag : Iman
Faux Suede Boots: Bakers
Faux Leather Boots: DSW
Liquid Leggings: Forever
Black Matte Eyeshadow, and Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow: Mac Cosmetics
Nude lipstick and shimmer lip gloss: smashbox cosmetics
Images Courtersy of : Myself

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lopez Tonight

I have always been a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez. She works very hardat everything she sets her mind to and she among other women serves as my inspiration in everyday life. She made the Feb. cover of one of my favorite magazines Elle.
early today I fried that chicken.
I call it Garlicand herb infused fried chicken, turned out awesome. =]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


some of the most foolish tattoo jobs i've ever seen..lmfao.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In My Mind.

Born February 19 - March 20

The Zodiac Birth Sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune.

The Pisces symbol, featuring a pair of fish swimming head to tail in a circle is representative of life after death or reincarnation.

Pisces are governed by a duality, a struggle of the spiritual soul within the physical body.

Pisces are deeply creative and artistic, with enhanced intuitive abilities.

Pisces is the last of the twelve zodiac signs.

Pisces make great friends and romantic partners.

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces are the most impressionable of the twelve zodiac signs. Deeply empathetic, they often exhibit a gentle, patient nature, but one that is in want of inspiration. Pisces can be deeply affected by and completely absorbed into their environment.

Pisces adapt well to their circumstances, both good and bad. They are generous, amiable, positive natured people with a deep sense of kindness and compassion. Pisces are highly tuned in to everything around them including the feelings of others.

Pisces are socially popular because of their easygoing and likable manner. They have an uncanny sense of perceiving what a person wants or needs, and delivering it. Pisces are reflexive, preferring to allow circumstances and events to unfold and, only then responding.

Pisces are not typical people. They are too idealistic and impractical for every day run of the mill living. Pisces are sensitive and instinctual rather than bookish or mechanical.

When Pisces find the right situations, they are capable of some incredible deeds. Pisces completely and wholly engage in a chosen path, to the exclusion of everything else. This obsessive compulsive energy can be healthy and not. Pisces can be workaholics (and other kind of -aholics too).

Positive Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces excel in situations where they can leverage their imaginative and intuitive nature. They are exceptionally gifted artistically. Pisces are often intensely interested and skilled at a wide variety of things and tend to learn by absorption as opposed to logic. Pisces are loyal, family oriented, kind and giving. They are receptive to new ideas and circumstances. Pisces have an uncanny ability to nurture and support which is directly related to their powerful intuition.

Pisces make profound artists of all types because they possess great, vivid imaginations. That powerful creativity is often expressed in music, literature, drama and art. Pisces love style, luxury and pleasure, and are always ready for new adventures. When Pisces travel, they enjoy unique, exotic, luxurious places as well as modest, indigenous settings where like to live as the locals do.

Main positive personality traits: Uncommon ability to instinctively respond to given situations; compassionate; understanding; artistic, sacrificing.

Negative Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces are often scatterbrains. They don't do well in highly structured or regimented situations and generally buck convention. Pisces can be so emotional, needy and intense that they can end up being a real drag to people around them.

In business, Pisces can be unreliable, unmotivated, easily distracted, and have their heads in the clouds all the time. The not so nice side of Pisces manifests as being a gossip, indiscreet, and gullible.

Pisces are easily lied to because they so want to believe. No matter how often they are led astray by empty promises, they keep the faith and push on toward their personal ideal. Their dreamy and impractical natures can be a source of distress to those close to them. Being both optimistic and cynical, Pisces find it difficult to make up their minds on any issue.

Main negative personality traits: Lazy, impractical, unrealistic, fearful, emotionally restrained, melancholy.

Pisces Profession & Career

In the career department, Pisces are often better working for themselves than for someone else. Their innate sympathy equips them for careers in charity, catering to the needy, as a nurse, looking after the sick, or as a veterinarian, caring for animals.

Pisces have an intrinsic love of water, and are particularly well-suited towards jobs that keep them near the sea. Pisces notable creativity includes a natural ability to imitate or mirror another person as well as enter into their feelings. These attributes also make Pisces incredible character actors, and many Pisceans find great success on stage or in films.

Pisces make fantastic salespeople, copywriters, marketing creatives and advertising executives. The much vaunted Pisces empathy for others makes them very effective in civil service and in the legal arena, particularly as an advocate for the less fortunate. Many police officers, attorneys and judges are Pisces.

Pisces intuitive and metaphysical nature can lead them into careers in religion or to service as mediums and psychics. The search for spiritual meaning is never-ending for Pisces and a work situation that helps them follow this quest can be deeply rewarding.

Owing to their versatility and adaptability, Pisces can often follow several radically different career paths during their lifetime. For example, it is not at all uncommon for a Pisces to work effectively in one long-term "day job" capacity, while pursuing a radically different "passion" after work or on weekends. Where others may feel encumbered by their work identity, Pisces chameleon-like capacity for change allows them to shed their skin and pursue things others can only dream about while stuck in their rut.

Warning for Pisces

When Pisces feel rejected or get the blues, they REALLY get the blues. Pisces are easily lured to drugs or alcohol for escape or distraction. Pisces should avoid this for obvious reasons, but particularly because of their highly addictive, compulsive nature.

Pisces can easily develop a variety of vice habits including excessive gambling, compulsive shopping, and overspending.

Pisces can suffer from a general lack of decisiveness and are easily distracted from their objectives. Pisces have a propensity towards depression and restlessness when not feeling fulfilled. They should live in sunny, warm climates, close to bodies of water.

Pisces should be ritualistic about exercise and fitness in order to fight back melancholy. Pisces must make a concerted effort to avoid their restlessness and desire to do something new in order to succeed and make their life work better.
So As I was taking a break from doing some studying for my phsycology and sociology classes, I made an awesome garlic herbed infused grilled cheese sandwhich. Grilled cheese is the bomb man.
I was curious to read up about my astro sign: Pisces.
I am a pisces in every way except for a few minor things, but anyone who knows me know that I embody my sign in prettymuch every way.
I love that picture of Julianne Moore as the little mermaid.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Let me be the critic.

Love Anna's dress but i think it could have been better if her hair was completely off her face.
Julia I'm dissapointed in you. But to be honest, she to me is not a fashion icon so she has no real reason to really "wow" anyone because she is just being herself here lol
Christina's dress is very interesting. Love the cute new bob, I just wish that it didn't look so boxy and flat. I think a really edgy pixie cut with some faded highlights would really bring out those beautiful blue eyes.
Meryl....well..*sighs* can't win em all...she could have 86ed the belt makes the overall look very cheap. She should have had a more fitted bodice and a flare out or mermaid finish toward the bottom of the hem, with one focus piece when it comes to the accessories.
January I think the shoulder looks a little too severe and she could lose the headband pronto!
however she is very beautiful.

Kate I love you so much! This is a very structured dress, something she doesn't do too often and I love that she went for it and i think it payed off in her favor. (I still have to go and see Nine =x)
Fergie i love the color of this dress...however it looks very prom-ish/davids bridal-ish to me. Her hair color is way too severe for her face and makes her look a smidge old. She looks amazing with highlights.
Cameron ...always looks the same to me...the dress would look better if it had a sweetheart neckline was fitted at the bodice and had a mermaid me she looks best in a tailored mermaid cut.
Drew..that's my girl along with my fellow hippie mate Kate Hudson!...I love this dress..but i hate that fur-like doesn't go at all with the overall look. I do love flesh tone dresses. She almost got it correct!!!
you all may or may not agree with my opinions but this is just my take.
So what do you guys think....?
courtesy of

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scent Addiction

I did a bit of shopping the other day and picked this up.
Victoria's Secret beauty rush body mist and hand cream in: Cherry Bomb

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Raja

if lady gaga can have an alter ego, why can't I? lol
I call her Crazy Raja. this is what she looks like.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coo Coo for Crumbs...

what a great ending to a freezing cold day. Crumbs Bakery is a beautiful thing. =]

Monday, January 4, 2010

Metallic Bird Of Paradise

First things first...Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful new years celebration like I did. Honestly it still feels like 09 to me but I guess it's because my mind hasn't wrapped it's thought process around it just yet.
The other day was home and was looking through my makeup case and decided to do this look.
This look reminds me of a pretty jungle bird that would have metallic feathers. I love this look! I think that multi-colored eye shadow is wonderful because you can do so many things with it.
Makeup to me is an extension of ones inner self. It is visual art. You have the chance to paint as many or as little works of art on your face and create endless new ones.
More power to all the makeup lovers around the world!!
Eye shadows, blush, concealer, lip gloss,and eye liner by: Mac Cosmetic
Foundation: local beauty supply provider
Mascara: Covergirl