Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helping The Helpless Helps You ...

You know i've been having a bit of a very rough and stressful week. Things seem to be stressing me out more often and the smallest seem to snowball in the biggest of things. I guess that every person has endure a "rough patch" period in their lives but i mean this is getting to heavy on me now.
But today i somehow managed to escape from inside those dandy old four walls and re joined the living. I went to pay a visit to my good friend and got to see my little niece. i remember when she was born on May 9, 2008 and she was a big baby too! I didn't get to see her in the hospital, I make it a goal to visit her and her mom more often. It wasn't until when I was talking to my friend that I realized that she too is dealing with major stress. I think with the rollercoaster economy it has everyone up in arms and it is horrible.
I strongly feel in my heart that President Obama has come to us at the perfect time and will give America back it's dignity and strength. When I was playing with my niece I snapped a few great pics of her, in m effort to capture these remaining moments before the next time i look up, and she will be in College! lol It was in taking those pictures of her I forgot about this woahful period i'm going through and was captured by her youth and free atttude. Man babies are so intelligent and they learn so fast! She does something new everyday and it's so amazing to see a childs eyes light up when they smile or enjoy soemthing.
That was just it to me, i mean she was only playing with a stuffed toy puppy and her entire face lit up! She was taking simple pleasure in playing with this little toy and it was astonishing to see that. It was when I was watching so protectively over her that I realized that through this rough patch that I should re-open my eyes and learn to enjoy getting joy out of doing the simple things in life. Photography really brings me that joy and you can see that in the way I take a picture or capture the image. Photography isn't just about fashion or a glamour images, but about life and real things; frozen art immitating the many movemens of life.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Through her Minds Eye

Alright so if you didn't know this already..I'M IN LOVE WITH BLACK WHITE PICTURES! lol I can't get enough of them! I love them so much because to me they capture raw emotion, honesy and depth.
Any picture just as a song can tell you a story but to me black whites speak the truth about the images that it conveys. It can often be unscripted and blunt. Ever since I was little i've been simply captivated by black and white images on film and in phtography.
My dad is a photographer, so growing up i got to experience the art that he would create in fron but often behind the camera. The pic that i have of myself with my polaroid camera is kind of a tribute to him because he has one of my aunt in her teens just like it!
(I was trying to find that picture to post in this blog but when i found it it was badly damaged due to poor preservation over the years..but that's alright.)
I hope that all of you guys enjoy this post, and if you guys have any ideas that you thikn would be cool for me to post let me know because I would love to hear from y'all!
Thanks a million spillion!,
OH! take note that my blog awards is comming up soon so stay tuned for that!
Picture credits : Bee Tee Photography and thank you very much to google images (www.google.com/images)

This is Her City

I was watching one of my favorite shows earlier called "The City" and, the main character named Whitney inspired me to create this clothes pallet. First off, she was always my favorite cast member from that other little show called "The Hills"! I liked her because she was the most reserved and collected (not to say that the others weren't) but she stayed out the drama when things turned sour between some of the other castmates.
She seems very down to earth and at ease, but obtains a certain allure of mystery and intrigue. She is a very classy young lady that can be timid at times, but isn't afraid to be stern and firm about matters that may arise. When creating the options of clothing I could really see her rocking all of those clothes! She wears clothes very simular to that which i have created on red carpets and on the show.
Thanks for Inspiring me Whitney!,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something I put Together

Morroccan Gladiator

Morroccan Gladiator - by Brisce on Polyvore.com

So this was a little something that I put together and i love all of things that I chose because it's a twist of Morroccan color scheme meets the gladiator cuffs and sandals.

enjoy guys!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm a 60's Addict!!

Post Credit: Google and Polyvore.com

Okay so these are just a few things that I pulled together. I'm the true definition of a free spirited hippie and I love the fact that i identify with the decade of the 60's so much! I mean I love the music and fashion of that decade so much! I was really born in the wrong time but hey, what can i do about it now? lol One of my 60's style icons would have to be Mary Kate Olsen because she personifies the free spirited,political, defiant, loving and imaginative style that is indeed the hippie.

Some of my other fav's are Kate Hudson, Mischa Barton, Nicole Ritchie, Camilla Belle, Joss Stone, and countless others. I love those pieces that were put together because they are all things that i would so wear and i love the color combos. The Boho staple is all about mixing prints and having a common thread they all share. For example, you can mix animal prints with a bold orange mini skirt as long and a brown fedora as long as they are within the same color scheme.

Some people are very bold and decide to go all out all pick all kinds of prints that have nothing to do with one another, which also very cool,but they will still share something in common. The thing that I love so much about this style is that you can take this boho base and add your own flair to it. There are so many types of hippies and multiple ways to rock it. I have some days where i'll wear a funky hat and all black with a pinch of bright jewelry. Then i may decide to focus all my energy or look on one particular accessory. It can go so many ways. Possibilities are very wide. All the pieces I have selected are just so awsome it makes me want to go shopping right now!

Here are some of my staples of my Boho Style:
1. big shades
2. wild and funky prints
3. slouch suade fringe boots
4. fitted vests
5. hats
5. over sized bags
6.an open mind
7.bright colors
8.chunky necklaces and bangles
9. vintage jackets
10. colorful headbands
11. destressed jeans
12. wrap-blouses
13. loose curly hair, tamed straight hair, or a bun with a bang
14. tie-dye shirts and v-neck shirts
.....and there is your recipe for being a hippie!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ahh Yes...Valentines Day....

It's such a romantic holiday..a time for love a time for lust a time for passion a time to make love happen. A time to really get cozy and show affection towards those that you love. Today was the first time in a very long time that i had a valentine and it felt great! It's always nice to be treated like royalty! I hope all you guys enjoy valentines day with the ones you love and the ones that you keep sacred in your hearts,

Peace and Love,

Spell With A Rebel Yell

Since I was very young i always wanted to have tattoos. I love the fact that i can wear and express my art on my body. I can become a walking piece of art and get things that have meaning to me. The first tattoo i ever remember seeing was of cupackes on a girl in a magazine. It looked so awsome on her and then my brain began to spin thoughts of me maybe getting one myself. Then at 16 i knew that I was gonna have a few because i love what they represent. To me they mean freedom, self expression, courage, rebellion, creativity and emotion. So the first pic is of one that i was thinking about getting the middle one is of the newest one i have and the bottom on is of one that i want next! I have two so far. The first one is of the music note with two stars. That experience was really awsome because my best friends and my sisters came with me! I was very scared since it was my first one and i was very glad that they all shared that moment with me....So here is to my next three!! Has anyone got any ideas of what they think would look nice on me?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspiration Stems from All Around Us...

So this blog is a little different! I chose to dedicate this one to the things that have inspired me. This theme i chose because when i pick up my camera i usually have a set theme in mind. This time around i had the theme of "picking up the camera and shooting how i feel inside". Lately i've been going through many changes and transitions in my life. I'm dealing with growing up and accepting the fact that i'm in complete control of my destiny and that's such a wonderful thing.
As most people i know would say about my pictures is that almost all of them are in black and white! There is good reason for that. It's simple,black and white is what i love! I've loved it since i was a child and that will never change. I love black and white so much because i feel that it captures that certain raw appeal to the viewer and it it's so honest and pure. I mean there is even a saying..."seeing things in black and white". Seeing things in black and white is seeing things as they truly are; honest and to the point.
With color their are things that can distract you from the main point. Don't get me wrong because i am a big fan of color! In fact i love bright colors! So things from anywhere and everywhere inspire me when i take a picture. Sometimes if i'm sleeping a concept for a picture will creep up on me and then i'll get my camera and snap it up! My creative juices are constantly flowing and they NEVER shut off but i love that. T
he pictures i have of Rihanna, The Biker Chicks, Boy George, and of a couple of editorial pics, have inspired me to snap those pictures of myself. I love the 60's decade. I consider myself the new -aged hippie with 80's accents thrown in there. Boy George is my hero and he wasn't afraid to take risks in fashion during a time where it was branded that being safe was more appealing to the public. Rihanna is my fashion icon! Among others i love her fashion sense. Her and I think very simularly.
I mean she and I are drawn to things that are edgey, free flowing and graceful with a touch of class involved. I'm a free spirited person who stands on her own two feet and depends on nothing and no one but myself and the legs i stand on, which can at times be seen as being a rebel. But above all things that inspire me, music is the center of my universe. Music inspires me do live and be who i am and grow as a person. I think that music inspires everyone because if it didn't fashion would NOT exist! So my inspiration stems from all around me....what inspires you?