Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spell With A Rebel Yell

Since I was very young i always wanted to have tattoos. I love the fact that i can wear and express my art on my body. I can become a walking piece of art and get things that have meaning to me. The first tattoo i ever remember seeing was of cupackes on a girl in a magazine. It looked so awsome on her and then my brain began to spin thoughts of me maybe getting one myself. Then at 16 i knew that I was gonna have a few because i love what they represent. To me they mean freedom, self expression, courage, rebellion, creativity and emotion. So the first pic is of one that i was thinking about getting the middle one is of the newest one i have and the bottom on is of one that i want next! I have two so far. The first one is of the music note with two stars. That experience was really awsome because my best friends and my sisters came with me! I was very scared since it was my first one and i was very glad that they all shared that moment with me....So here is to my next three!! Has anyone got any ideas of what they think would look nice on me?


  1. Man, Brisce I feel freaking left out because of this. I'm like the only one in the group with out a tat. LOL

  2. i got the most right tat of the bottom pic, covering my ribs. Nice place but it hurts like shit so be warned ;)


Merci Beaucoup :)