Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspiration Stems from All Around Us...

So this blog is a little different! I chose to dedicate this one to the things that have inspired me. This theme i chose because when i pick up my camera i usually have a set theme in mind. This time around i had the theme of "picking up the camera and shooting how i feel inside". Lately i've been going through many changes and transitions in my life. I'm dealing with growing up and accepting the fact that i'm in complete control of my destiny and that's such a wonderful thing.
As most people i know would say about my pictures is that almost all of them are in black and white! There is good reason for that. It's simple,black and white is what i love! I've loved it since i was a child and that will never change. I love black and white so much because i feel that it captures that certain raw appeal to the viewer and it it's so honest and pure. I mean there is even a saying..."seeing things in black and white". Seeing things in black and white is seeing things as they truly are; honest and to the point.
With color their are things that can distract you from the main point. Don't get me wrong because i am a big fan of color! In fact i love bright colors! So things from anywhere and everywhere inspire me when i take a picture. Sometimes if i'm sleeping a concept for a picture will creep up on me and then i'll get my camera and snap it up! My creative juices are constantly flowing and they NEVER shut off but i love that. T
he pictures i have of Rihanna, The Biker Chicks, Boy George, and of a couple of editorial pics, have inspired me to snap those pictures of myself. I love the 60's decade. I consider myself the new -aged hippie with 80's accents thrown in there. Boy George is my hero and he wasn't afraid to take risks in fashion during a time where it was branded that being safe was more appealing to the public. Rihanna is my fashion icon! Among others i love her fashion sense. Her and I think very simularly.
I mean she and I are drawn to things that are edgey, free flowing and graceful with a touch of class involved. I'm a free spirited person who stands on her own two feet and depends on nothing and no one but myself and the legs i stand on, which can at times be seen as being a rebel. But above all things that inspire me, music is the center of my universe. Music inspires me do live and be who i am and grow as a person. I think that music inspires everyone because if it didn't fashion would NOT exist! So my inspiration stems from all around me....what inspires you?

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  1. What inspires me? Life, happiness, Shoes, a half naked Justin Timberlake and Joe Jonas, Puppies...wait what was I talking about?

    Good post B, I really like the first picture of you. You should get your hair done like that.


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