Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helping The Helpless Helps You ...

You know i've been having a bit of a very rough and stressful week. Things seem to be stressing me out more often and the smallest seem to snowball in the biggest of things. I guess that every person has endure a "rough patch" period in their lives but i mean this is getting to heavy on me now.
But today i somehow managed to escape from inside those dandy old four walls and re joined the living. I went to pay a visit to my good friend and got to see my little niece. i remember when she was born on May 9, 2008 and she was a big baby too! I didn't get to see her in the hospital, I make it a goal to visit her and her mom more often. It wasn't until when I was talking to my friend that I realized that she too is dealing with major stress. I think with the rollercoaster economy it has everyone up in arms and it is horrible.
I strongly feel in my heart that President Obama has come to us at the perfect time and will give America back it's dignity and strength. When I was playing with my niece I snapped a few great pics of her, in m effort to capture these remaining moments before the next time i look up, and she will be in College! lol It was in taking those pictures of her I forgot about this woahful period i'm going through and was captured by her youth and free atttude. Man babies are so intelligent and they learn so fast! She does something new everyday and it's so amazing to see a childs eyes light up when they smile or enjoy soemthing.
That was just it to me, i mean she was only playing with a stuffed toy puppy and her entire face lit up! She was taking simple pleasure in playing with this little toy and it was astonishing to see that. It was when I was watching so protectively over her that I realized that through this rough patch that I should re-open my eyes and learn to enjoy getting joy out of doing the simple things in life. Photography really brings me that joy and you can see that in the way I take a picture or capture the image. Photography isn't just about fashion or a glamour images, but about life and real things; frozen art immitating the many movemens of life.

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