Monday, February 23, 2009

Through her Minds Eye

Alright so if you didn't know this already..I'M IN LOVE WITH BLACK WHITE PICTURES! lol I can't get enough of them! I love them so much because to me they capture raw emotion, honesy and depth.
Any picture just as a song can tell you a story but to me black whites speak the truth about the images that it conveys. It can often be unscripted and blunt. Ever since I was little i've been simply captivated by black and white images on film and in phtography.
My dad is a photographer, so growing up i got to experience the art that he would create in fron but often behind the camera. The pic that i have of myself with my polaroid camera is kind of a tribute to him because he has one of my aunt in her teens just like it!
(I was trying to find that picture to post in this blog but when i found it it was badly damaged due to poor preservation over the years..but that's alright.)
I hope that all of you guys enjoy this post, and if you guys have any ideas that you thikn would be cool for me to post let me know because I would love to hear from y'all!
Thanks a million spillion!,
OH! take note that my blog awards is comming up soon so stay tuned for that!
Picture credits : Bee Tee Photography and thank you very much to google images (

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