Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Something I put Together

Morroccan Gladiator

Morroccan Gladiator - by Brisce on Polyvore.com

So this was a little something that I put together and i love all of things that I chose because it's a twist of Morroccan color scheme meets the gladiator cuffs and sandals.

enjoy guys!


  1. This came out really nice Brisce. Not bad for a beginner lollolololol Just kidding.

  2. I like the sandals and the cuff. Good job. Oh, and can you please stick to a title??? Its hard to keep up!! lol

  3. Brisce, your blog captures your natural genius and photographic talent. This is such a cool window into your creative take on life. You should totally add your own music to this blog too.

    -big sis

  4. Hey. Congrats! I nominated you for the 'I know your blog is fabulous award'. Come on by and take a look.


Merci Beaucoup :)