Monday, February 23, 2009

This is Her City

I was watching one of my favorite shows earlier called "The City" and, the main character named Whitney inspired me to create this clothes pallet. First off, she was always my favorite cast member from that other little show called "The Hills"! I liked her because she was the most reserved and collected (not to say that the others weren't) but she stayed out the drama when things turned sour between some of the other castmates.
She seems very down to earth and at ease, but obtains a certain allure of mystery and intrigue. She is a very classy young lady that can be timid at times, but isn't afraid to be stern and firm about matters that may arise. When creating the options of clothing I could really see her rocking all of those clothes! She wears clothes very simular to that which i have created on red carpets and on the show.
Thanks for Inspiring me Whitney!,

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  1. Now hopefully I can comment here. lol

    But what I wanted to say yesterday was that I do think Whitney has style the problem is that I find her voice to be very grainig on the ears.


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