Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm a 60's Addict!!

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Okay so these are just a few things that I pulled together. I'm the true definition of a free spirited hippie and I love the fact that i identify with the decade of the 60's so much! I mean I love the music and fashion of that decade so much! I was really born in the wrong time but hey, what can i do about it now? lol One of my 60's style icons would have to be Mary Kate Olsen because she personifies the free spirited,political, defiant, loving and imaginative style that is indeed the hippie.

Some of my other fav's are Kate Hudson, Mischa Barton, Nicole Ritchie, Camilla Belle, Joss Stone, and countless others. I love those pieces that were put together because they are all things that i would so wear and i love the color combos. The Boho staple is all about mixing prints and having a common thread they all share. For example, you can mix animal prints with a bold orange mini skirt as long and a brown fedora as long as they are within the same color scheme.

Some people are very bold and decide to go all out all pick all kinds of prints that have nothing to do with one another, which also very cool,but they will still share something in common. The thing that I love so much about this style is that you can take this boho base and add your own flair to it. There are so many types of hippies and multiple ways to rock it. I have some days where i'll wear a funky hat and all black with a pinch of bright jewelry. Then i may decide to focus all my energy or look on one particular accessory. It can go so many ways. Possibilities are very wide. All the pieces I have selected are just so awsome it makes me want to go shopping right now!

Here are some of my staples of my Boho Style:
1. big shades
2. wild and funky prints
3. slouch suade fringe boots
4. fitted vests
5. hats
5. over sized bags open mind
7.bright colors
8.chunky necklaces and bangles
9. vintage jackets
10. colorful headbands
11. destressed jeans
12. wrap-blouses
13. loose curly hair, tamed straight hair, or a bun with a bang
14. tie-dye shirts and v-neck shirts
.....and there is your recipe for being a hippie!


  1. That's a mighty fine recipe for being a perfect boho. Love outfits, I see that you discover ^_^

  2. Also, where did you get some of the images? If you got them from other blogs make sure to give credit. Number one rule of blogging, always have a post credit, just so there won't be any trouble.

  3. those are all such great photos..especially the one with mary-kate, i think, with that awesome studded jacket..thats gorgeous
    xxx and thanks for adding me to your follow list!


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