Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No More Teen Years...Hello 20's

Well I'm offically done with my tean years! I turned 20 on March 5th 2009, and it feels so odd to me still. I mean it's really a transitional period for me now. My friends and I went out to celebrate the big day at applebees in Times Square. Man that strawberry daiquiri was sooooo the bomb man!! if anyone makes a trip there PLEASE GET IT!!! It was fun up until the end cause of the train situation, which i think made all of us very annoyed and uneasy.
Because of the delays and the alternating of the train tracks we arrived hours late as did my other two friends. I think if it hadn't have been for the smelly trains it would have been even more fun! But as always my friends and I have a gifts for making the best of any situation.
My friend payed for my dinner and her bf bought me a drink(pictured the cosmopolitan), as my gifts so I thank them for that so much! My other friends said that they have gifts on the way, so i'm excited to see what those are gonna be! My Aunt bought me that pretty cake which was awsome since i didn't get to wear a tiara like i had always wanted to. That cake was soooo good too! The Inside was made of chocolate and Vanilla. OMG was it tasty!
All in all i had a great time and as in my my new tradition i'll celebrate up until the end of march!
I thank everyone for comming!,


  1. Yay, there I am. Sweet!! That drink looks so tasty, we so need to go back there.

  2. urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr spelcome.


Merci Beaucoup :)