Sunday, March 22, 2009

Burn The Disco Out!

So On Saturday My Girlfriends and I went to Webster Hall in NYC. Man was that an experience! This was my first time going there and I was so excited about it. I've always heard them advertise it on one of my favorite radio stations, z100. My friends and I always talked of going there and so this Saturday we went! It was awsome man. Every room had different kinds of music but the best room just happened to be the most packed one. It was a mix of all kinds of great music.

The club has themed events and this theme was a Circus theme. For a brief time I left my friends to make sure i could get my other two friends in at the door and after I met up with them, we went to the main floor and they had all this very cool circus stuff and my friend grabbed his camera and shot some very awsome pictures (pictured). Among those pics were fire breathers, sky dancers and this very cool glow in the dark Go-Go dancer.

I also coudn't help myself when it came to snapping some pictures! There was this cool man in drag looking like a pirate from the 15th Century and I made that particular picture black and white. I got to speak to him after I took the shot and he was actually british! He was very nice and said that the heels were KILLING him! Among those pictures is a pair of candy apple red Nine West Patent Leather heels that were sitting on a bench my friends and I were sitting on and no one even claimed them!

But they were so hot I just had to take a picture of them! My friends danced so much and i sat down because my legs went numb after a while but I had so much fun. The over crowded room was very annoying after a while and made my friends and I uneasy for a time and then towards the end of the night things went all crazy and then we just wanted to go home! I was so glad my friend who came bought me a drink in the beginning of the night because I think that kept me from going nuts!

I can't wait until it gets warmer so that my girls can hit up more cool places! It's just so nice to get to go out with all of them because we all don't really get a chance to hang out that much, due to our hectic and unpredictable schedules and since we are all growing up we are all beginning to find out who we really are, and transition from girls to young women and childhood friends to long term companions, and that can be hard to do. But despite that difficult transition it's always a pleasure to be around great people = ]

(Picture Credit: My own Camera, and thank you to my friend Michael for the great pix!)

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  1. Yeah, webster hall was fun. A little over crowded for my liking, but still fun. But next time we should go to a play that isn't over running with old farts. lol


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