Friday, March 13, 2009

Block Rockin' Beats

So I was home with nothing to do, when i thought of a cool post I could make! These were just some songs that I was Listening to on my ipod nano, and I thought of Little random sentences that would match the songs! So here it goes:

I Want to "Fly Like An Eagle"-Steve Miller Band
You can either move outta the way or, "Get Back" -Britney Spears
Don't yell at me, "Blame It"-Jamie Foxx, on the person who did it!
Sorry, it's not like I mean to be a "HeartBreaker"-Will.I.Am
His love is "Outta This World"-Britney Spears
Why Don't you "Call Me"-Blondie
I feel on "Top Of The World"-Pussycat Dolls
He called me his "Super Boo"-Kid Cudi
I'm Just so "Starstruck"- Lady GaGa
Stop puttin yo hand in those "Cookie Jars"-Gym Class Heroes
She may be old, but i'm "Young,Fresh n' New"-Kelis
Just "Send Him Away"-Franz Ferdinand

lol this was fun = ] and be sure to download those awsome songs!

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