Monday, January 18, 2010

Let me be the critic.

Love Anna's dress but i think it could have been better if her hair was completely off her face.
Julia I'm dissapointed in you. But to be honest, she to me is not a fashion icon so she has no real reason to really "wow" anyone because she is just being herself here lol
Christina's dress is very interesting. Love the cute new bob, I just wish that it didn't look so boxy and flat. I think a really edgy pixie cut with some faded highlights would really bring out those beautiful blue eyes.
Meryl....well..*sighs* can't win em all...she could have 86ed the belt makes the overall look very cheap. She should have had a more fitted bodice and a flare out or mermaid finish toward the bottom of the hem, with one focus piece when it comes to the accessories.
January I think the shoulder looks a little too severe and she could lose the headband pronto!
however she is very beautiful.

Kate I love you so much! This is a very structured dress, something she doesn't do too often and I love that she went for it and i think it payed off in her favor. (I still have to go and see Nine =x)
Fergie i love the color of this dress...however it looks very prom-ish/davids bridal-ish to me. Her hair color is way too severe for her face and makes her look a smidge old. She looks amazing with highlights.
Cameron ...always looks the same to me...the dress would look better if it had a sweetheart neckline was fitted at the bodice and had a mermaid me she looks best in a tailored mermaid cut.
Drew..that's my girl along with my fellow hippie mate Kate Hudson!...I love this dress..but i hate that fur-like doesn't go at all with the overall look. I do love flesh tone dresses. She almost got it correct!!!
you all may or may not agree with my opinions but this is just my take.
So what do you guys think....?
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  1. Christina in a pixie, doesn't make my heart go beep. It could work, but I feel like its been over done so many freaking times.

    Also I'm liking the new layout. kind of wish the text wasn't so big, but that's cool.

  2. Like the blog redo. Im glad Christina took her weave out. Lol. her hair looks nice like that.

  3. awesome Golden globes coverage =) love the blog title and thank you for your sweet comment!


  4. thank all of you guys for stopping by i appreciate all your comments!

  5. meryl and cameron looked the lovely -ess in my eyes..the red dress cameron is wearing is freaking amazing.

  6. I thought Christina A looked pretty amazing considering the hot mess shes looked recently. I was well surprised to see her looking so fresh and pretty looking

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