Monday, April 13, 2009

Zack: On The Attack

So I was in CVS today when my eyes darted straight towards this months May issue of GQ magazine. I love that magazine and i love even more the sexy piece of man on the cover of it! None other than Zack Efron. God does he look hot shirtless in some of the spread photos that i found. Just a year before my other love Shia Lebeaouf was on the cover and he looked great. GQ has a unique way of capturing the rawness and reality of the subjects that they are capturing and i love that about the photographers they use. Plus the interviews are interesting as well.
enjoy everyone,

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  1. He did a good job when he host Saturday Night Live. I only got to see clips, but they were funny. Plus, you spelled his name wrong, I mean, Zack is spelled with a K at the end, but he spells it without the K...Its weird I know.


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