Friday, December 18, 2009

Back at Her Best...

Man has it been ages since I made a blog posting! For starters, I now have my own laptop and that makes me so happy because, not only is it small and travel friendly, it's.....PINK!!!! I have taken to giving it a name and a sex(hahaha). So, I am now typing this post on "Marshmellow". I recently began the second semester of my College courses, and boy is that not easy, but I have always loved school. I took the first picture earlier this year. Man do I miss that color.
I think that is the lightest my hair has ever been colored, lol. The second picture is of a recent tattoo that I got back in September. It says "Love is where you shall find me". I love many languages and decided to get half tattooed in Italian, and the other half in french. Those besides arabic, spanish, greek, and Japanese, are my favorite languages. I thought for that tattoo I would do something different and I love the end result!
This is my 3rd tat and I plan on getting either 1 or 2 more and then that's it for me! It was actually kind of funny when I went to get this one done because, It barely hurt me. I ended up dozing off and being woken up when the artist was done and didn't even realize I fell asleep! The only thing I hate about tat's is when they have to go in and fill it with does that hurt like an "Em-Effer!!!". I got this one on the left side of my back. It seems to be a theme for me to get every tat on my left side which is kind of cool actually.
I am really looking forward to the new year and what it has in store for me. My main goal above everything(since I don't make resolutions because I suck at keeping them) is just to be happy and grow more as a person. I really enjoyed my summer of 2009. I made so many new and interesting friends, got in touch with long lost ones(through facebook) and spent time with the ones I love dearly that I don't get to see that often these days.
Parties were left, right and center and that is always a wild adventure. So many of my favorite music artists released some great alblums this year and some came out their face walking up on a stage talking about another young artist not being worthy of getting an award that she ended up winning *coughs Kanye West*......
Until Next Time......

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