Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spray Tan Mafia

I SWORE that I would never watch this show, but the cast of Jersey Shore reeled me in like a fishy on a hook! Thanks to good ol' Cablevision with a thousand channels and almost nothing to watch daily except for re-runs of my favorite shows, I flipped past the MTV channel and caught a glimpse of what I thought would be an unlikely attempt on television domination but to my surprise I was wrong.

These self proclaimed "Guidos and Guidettes" seemed to work their way into the back of people's braincells everywhere, thus causing backlashing against them from Italian heritage groups claiming that they mis-represent Italian americans everywhere.

This may be true, but this is now one of theee highest rated MTV shows ranking second only to another pop culture fad that I think has bitten the dust "The Hills" ( I used to love that show when it first aired but all the catty and scripted backstabbing annoyed me after a while, steering my attention to another highly rated show on Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club" everyday those girls are making alliances about prettymuch nothing getting drunk and always getting kicked out of a club for fighting and they are almost always cheating on their boyfriends that they always claim to be "faithful to" and someone always goes too far and ends up getting 86ed from the show to be replaced by another member the girls hate in the beginning but then end up being friends with towards the end of the show...see, I told you the whole plot of the show! I love pointless tv you a break from the seriousness of life eh? lol) So back to Jersey shore (which prettymuch has the same plot as thr bad girls club).
So these kids are taking the world by storm which is funny. I actually remember meeting one of the cast members years ago at a club in the city. He was DJing at the club and his name is Pauly D. He was a very nice guy and he even bought me a drink! I am sure he doesn't remember me because this was years ago lol.

I say all of this to say this: Sometimes pointless tv has a point, to draw attention to itself and gear people away from the stress of everyday life. And if you actually watch, you become drawn to these characters ergo creating what is called a GUILTY PLEASURE!!!
what is your tv guilty pleasure?

oh, by the way fist pumping=NO BUENO hahaha


Merci Beaucoup :)