Friday, May 14, 2010

Belated 21 Quickie!
This was just a pick I took and decided to do a temporary rinse on my hair. I am really liking this color!

So I know that is May already and lemme say that I am not feeling this fall-like weather it's not cool one bit! I hope that it warms up by late May.
Eventhough my 21st birthday was March 5th, I didn't get a chance to make a blog post due to my wifi being all stinky, so now lemme catch you up.

I was very excited to hit the big 21, and I was looking forward to hitting that age for a very long time. I have been 21 for 2 1/2 months now and I love it! I love the freedom you feel and the fact that if you want to go out with your friends to a club or can!
I have always wanted to celebrate my birthday for the entire month of march and the celebration ended up lasting until the end of April, and I thought that was very cool! So in the spirit of my birthday I wanted to do some fun things:

1.went to Dave and Busters
2. did 21 dares at a bar with friends in a truth or dare (21 and over) style lol
3.went to 21 really nice lounges/bars in the city a 21 min. massage lol
5.danced to 21 songs without stopping at a club
7.hung out with 21 amazing friends during this almost 2month celebration
8. got my 4th tattoo
9. went to a lovely spa
10. had 21 diff drinks over the 2 1/2 month period

I went to a club and got to play maracas with the live house band. I never played maracas in my life and the moment I went up on the stage, I immediately got right in sync with the band and it was as if we had been playing together for years lol. I was invited to play due to the bass player over hearing me say that I wish I could play with the band.I got so many compliments from the band and from the audience it was incredible.

The crowd screamed for an encore and I ended up playing for 4 additional hours! I wasn't even nervous going up on the stage with all of the crowd looking at me since I was leading the band in the song. Musicians have a language all their own and it was a beautiful experience!

My 21st was most easily the best birthday that I have ever had thanks to some of the most amazing people that I am prvilaged to call my closest and most dear friends.

Life is truly more lively when you have a great set of friends to enjoy great moments with!

Song of the week: OMG-Usher
Website of the week:
tv show of the week: The Hills, Sex and the City
craving of the week: Icecream sandwhich

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