Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In My Head

"Come close to me my love...sit here with me", he says.
He let me look into those dark and burning eyes of his, oh how I love them.
With every step I take in his direction, my heart runs through my chest.
My mind is drunk with dizzyness, perhaps I shall lay down and rest.

An Immense dark scarlett shadow stands over me, breathing fire onto my neck; slowly raising its hand gently up the small of my back, tracing every outline of my body.
"Have you rested to your hearts content my darling?", he says to me. "Yes my love, for I am fully restored now", I say.

Again and again i think to myself "Is this but a dream, or an alternate means to my reality?'', one can never know I guess.
Just then an orchestra strikes up the most beautiful and unfamiliar tune I have ever heard in my life.
The clashing of the symbols and gentle harmonies of the violins send my mind into an trance.
The charm of the music is one that is undeniable, one that can easily seduce ones soul.
The orchestra continues to beckon me, as I begin to answer it.

"Are you familiar with the waltz my lovely little flower?", he says. "I have never done the...",just then he grabs my waist, pulls me closer and says "Now we shall dance". We spin into the clouds, dance into the many galaxies, he dips me over the roaring oceans and then lifts me over the mountains.
The bass drum competes with my heart in the fast pace beating with each approaching second.

I am nervous, afraid, and yet fearless all in one instance. How can this be?
Is this creature blinding my emotions?
Is this all some kind of twisted illusion, that I can't break free from?
Am I going to be alright, after all let me not forget he is the root of all the most evil and cruel sources in the world.
At his hand lays all form of destruction, so then how and why does my heart flutter when his hand emabraces my own?

"Am I to be your captor oh lord?", I ask.
"From the very moment I heard your sweet voice say "Please don't hurt me" I knew your would be the soul that I would belong to for all eternity, know you are free to choose what you desire", he replied.
He made a statement, while raising a question.
I can't seem to think or process thoughts right now.
I choose to stay in the midst of his arms, as we continue to dance in sync with the monsterous orchestra.

For the first time, this is a love that has made me feel alive.
A wise love.
A brave love.
A true love.
Our passion is otherworldly.
His gaze into my eyes has frozen all time.

This dance, just one dance with the devil has been etched into my memory forever.
How can this dark,sinister,heartless ruler somehow seemed to have developed a heart?
"For my thousands of years of dwelling on this earth, have I never fell so hard or so fast for a human as beautiful as you", his voice echoed over the sea. "You have casted a spell upon me".

Who knew I was capable of wooing this kind of, well, what should I call him?
Have I turned him into a softie?
I guess I really do possess a power over him I never knew i had.
The dark sky begins to lighten, as the sun rises.
"I made a special locket for you my treasure, for you to have with you always", I say

I Turn around only to find that his shadow is no longer with me.
Where has he gone?
Was my love too much for him?
I look up only to see a statue, with his grizzly face carved into it.
Had he been a stone all this time?
Am I really going mad?
I step away from the statue to get a full view of his body to realize, yes this is him, my love turned into marble stone.

My heart is confused and filled with hurt.
The violent winds burst through the room and blow the statue over.
I run as fast as I can to break the fall of the statue, but I am more than past due.
I screamed unlike I have ever before, my body errupting into shakes.
I stretch out my hands and curse the wretched winds of the heavens.

I look down to find my love broken into a million pieces.
I lean over the remains and poor out endless tears.
Now my love is lost.
Now my heart is gone.
My eyes cold with anger.
My hands hot with fury.

"Come close to me my love...sit here with me", a voice muttered.
"But,how did you..." I say.
"I am capable of many, many things", he says with a laugh breaking through to a smile

A few months ago I wrote this poem based off of a dream that I had.

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