Sunday, August 15, 2010


So I've got to tell you guys,
I LOVE Kat Von D! I am huge fan of her and her work on the show LA INK.
I have so much respect for her and what she does as a person and as a woman.
Ever since I was a kid I always new I wanted tattoos and piercings in the future, but was very apprehensive about moving forward with that idea. However, the older I got I realized it seemed more and more like a possiblity.
My mother who started out wanting to get a tattoo of her own seemed to grow out of that stage and HATES and kind of markings on ones skin. She thinks it can misrepresent a persons character and image. Clearly everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion about everything, and i've got to say I respectfully disagree! You can't always expect to have some kind interior resolve with every single person because that's just not life, plus it would be so odd wouldn't it? haha.
So when I turned 16, I knew in my heart that more than ever I really wanted to get a tattoo. I began to do my research because I was NOT about to have someone ink me up and then one day I look down and my skin looks like complete disgust! hahaha.
I weighed every option since my skin is ultra sensitive and allergy prone and became dissapointed when I thought my tattoo dreams had set sail for good.
Surprisgingly it turns out my sin responded really well to the inkage and I was so happy.

My friends have talked many times about all getting matching tattoos to signify and permanently forge the bonds of our friendship, but that ended up fading into the air due to reasons I still don't know lol. The idea still lingers in my mind and who knows maybe one day we will rekindle that old flame but for now it has yet to be seen.
My biggest influences in life are music, fashion, pain, passion,love, art, my friends and family. I mean the list could go on for ages but I had to water it down just a smidge! The summer of 08' was my very first tattoo. I got a music note and two stars on my upper left thigh. I didn't like the artist who did it because he didn't do what i asked him to so operation RE-DO is soon to be in motion..smh. The best and most fun part about getting my first one was that my friends and sisters went with me and the wait was a crillion years which was complete tom foolery but eh, what could I have done?
I made it a tradition to get one every year following and so far I have stuck with it which I am proud of. I think the thing I really like about getting tattoos is that they represent a piece of me as whole. Each of them I hold close to my heart and still remember how the excitement of each one felt. Music rules my life and I aspire to be a musician and knew I had to get something to express my great love for it. I love the arabic language and I am part lebanese and knew i wanted something to express my love for that.
I love love and I took a quote from a line in a poem that I wrote about how being in love can send you into such a lovely and peaceful state. To shake things up, I got the quote translated half in two of my favourite languages French and Italian. I got another arabic tattoo this time translating my name in it. I got one of my all time favourite objects, a boombox (drawn in the classic 80's style I used to have a simular boombox until it broke). I wasn't fully satisfied and decided to add to it my longtime love Hello Kitty. My grandfather gave me a hello kitty stuffed toy and she was ruined in the laundry.
Since I was a kid I have loved her. I held that stuffed toy close to my heart because it was such a precious gift from my grandfather and reminded me of the special times we both shared with one another. When he passed in 2007, I felt like I had nothing left of his except a picture and due to my knee surgery was unable to attend his funeral and felt a deep hurt unlike I have ever felt in my life. He along with my mother and grandmother in my family are my heroes, and looking at that hello kitty tattoo reminds me of all those precious times we had together.
One of my biggest musical inspirations for nearly everything in my life aside from others is the great Jimi Hendrix. I knew from the gate I wanted to honor the man who stuck with me and carried me throughout so many instances in my life. He is just to me what I aspire to be in a musician and as a person. He was and still is the most incredible human beings on the face of this planet. Rock music would be nothing without his major contributions to it. He has achieved so much in a wonderful career cut so short and I will always hold him dear to me, plus he is my hippie brother hahaha.
Kat Von D thank you for giving me the confidence to express myself through my body art and for being a kick ass human being.
Rock on everyone...and always dare to defy stereotypical gravity.


  1. thats sweet about ur grandpa. i awesomely agree with ur perception on tats. i believe they show who u are on the inside, on the outside. KVD rocks. waiting 2 see ur jimi tat lol

  2. aww thank you! lol damned skippy! thank you so much for commenting on my blog! =]

  3. I think the only reason that we never got around to getting matching tatts is because we're a bunch of lazy monkeys. lol

  4. @Champagne yeah that plus could never pic something that we wanted to get that we all liked and were satisfied with! lol

  5. Hey Sugar, Just stopping by to show ya some love.Later love


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