Monday, January 17, 2011

All The Queens Jewels

So as I was home this afternoon, and flipping through through that channels I became annoyed since nothing was on. Cablevision should really ashamed of themselves for charging people an arm,leg,foot, and eyelash for nothing to ever been on!
So then I was browsing through a list of piled up dvr recordings and came across this recording called "Thread NY". When I started to watch it, I nearly drooled looking at this amazing jewelry collection by jewelry designers, Dannijo.
I looked them up and found loads of amazing jewels they have put together and now they are my new fav designers! The first 9 pictures are from the jewelry collection of my other fav place in the universe, Topshop. God are their collections fantastic. It's like all of these designs I couldn't have expressed better myself because this is all jewelry that describes my bohemian chic rocker hippie style. It's great when a designer can almost go inside their target audiences heads and give them exactly what they want.
Have a great monday everyone.
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