Friday, January 14, 2011

Lipstick & Swords

For Many centuries, we women have always been depicted as the lesser of a man. We have always been shown as the strength behind his shadow but rarely have been given the chance to step outside of it and shine on our own. Even down to this day I think sometimes men question the strength of a woman because most of the time her beauty and grace overshadow it.
We fall victim to double standards, and mockings; often being hurled in the stereotypical box of woman. Not every woman has fallen victim to the vicious catty qualities that some sadly do. This post was important to me because I wanted to show that through some really great art I found that a woman is capable of more than man could ever think.
For crying out loud we have the super power of bringing life into this world! We have many super powers I think. We bear the natural gifts of intuition (something that is very strong with me), being able to master the art of our sexuality femininity as well as our masculinity.
Our emotions are strong sometimes overpowering and we can fall victim to them. We know how to be strong where it counts most, when it comes to lending our support, trust, and loyalties. The most beneficial power I think we the power to connect beyond the surface level of a man and love.
There really isn't anything in this world like the validation of a woman's love and trust. We can be just as strong as a man, watch sports and talk smack with the guys and never lose our sense of womanhood and that feeling of beauty and glamour.
I have many close guy friends and they always say to me, "how is it that you are able to watch the game with us, drink a few beers and still look and smell sexy?" I find that hilarious actually. It is mainly because I after so many years have learned to master both sides of me. One side is a total guy who loves sports and is a tomboy,whereas the other adores everything fashion and art and feminine adornments.
Growing up, i loved playing with the boys and played all kinds of sports and still played with my lip gloss on and my strawberry body spray. Even down to this day they still say,"hey you remember that girl who used to play offensive lineman who smelled like strawberry daiquiri?" hahaha.
I was never afraid to hang tough with the guys and then hours later have mani pedi time with my girlfriends. Most little girls are raised to think that you can't be a princess and play with hot wheels, but you most certainly can! These pictures show that you can be as badass as you want to be and still be fashionable!
You have the power to be both powerful and beautiful. Wear your armor of war and then fix it up a bit and wear for a night out on the town! I think it's pretty cool how styles of armor and colors and themes were carried on even to today. May fashion, womanhood beauty, sex appeal and grace always rock the heck on!


  1. From this post its easy 2 see why u look up 2 so many female superheroes. Its great that u are in touch with both sides of urself it really makes u an awesome person. Awesome pics by the way. U remind me of this character from a game called Heavenly Sword, u should check it out.

  2. awwwww ran thank you very much for those kind words! and yeah female super heroes i adore and they inspire me daily. Strong women i look up to and it helped me to develop into the woman i am now!


Merci Beaucoup :)